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Well, Since You Asked Me: My Thoughts Regarding Today – 1.11.18

Broadside #27-2018


My Thoughts Regarding Today – 1.11.18

My initial read is that something changed today. One can sense it in the air. MSM members who would normally not weigh in on these things are now speaking out.  Republican Congressman, in safe Red Districts, are coming out with forceful condemning language. And yes, we’ve seen shards of this in the past, but this feels different. Plus, this was said in The Oval Office. That MATTERS. It MATTERS greatly to a lot of folks.
I suspect that The IDIOT will lose another few percentage of supporters. We can probably look for his numbers to hit 33%. One doesn’t come back from that. EVER. 
I suspect that in the next 24-48 hours a major story involving his involvement with Russia will break.
I suspect that he is preparing himself and his supporters for that news.
I also can not rule out Mueller making an arrest.
Regardless, we’re at a different inflection point now. And I think The IDIOT realizes it. The comments and the actions we’re seeing are not from a person that is mentally stable. Even Stevie Wonder can see that.
It can not be understated how terrible 2018 has been for The IDIOT. From Fire & Fury, to Mueller, to being told last week at Camp David that the House of Representatives was lost and the Senate was 50/50 at best and Immigration and Infrastructure weren’t going to happen. To being told that this Republican Led Congress will be one of the first to not be able to pass a Budget. 
All of these things add up.

This is a man that is surrounded by folks that have committed themselves to him. For whatever reason. Only they know the answers behind why. I suspect many truly do believe it’s their Civic Duty to be there, just in case a steady hand needs to be on the wheel. Noble as there intentions may be, it might be best that The IDIOT be exposed for who he is.

So now we all sit and wait. It’s like we’re all watching this movie in slow motion, bracing ourselves for every impact. With each one, taking more of a toll on us than we dare speak on.

I wish I could tell you that this thing ends tomorrow. I wish I could tell you that the underlying cracks can be healed. I wish I could tell you that we’ll get back to being decent to one another again. I believe we will. I have faith that we can.

I also know that it will take a subset of us coming to the cold realization that Demography is happening. And with that change, the fundamental way in how they are viewed by others will change. I think we’re seeing much more of that play out than anything else. At some point, we simply must sit down and have an honest conversation about the fragile White Male Psyche. We don’t talk about it much, but it’s there.

Until Some White Men come to terms with some hard truths, it’s difficult for me to understand how we survive as a Nation. And if we’re being honest, it starts with having the conversation with young White Men. There are studies that are now coming out that speak to this. We’ll be discussing these in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, let’s try to do better tomorrow than we did today.

Now – Let’s Go Be Great! Let’s Go Find Some Good Trouble!



5 thoughts on “Well, Since You Asked Me: My Thoughts Regarding Today – 1.11.18

  1. It tries my patience that people are being moved to react (if this is even a reaction – we’ll see) because of THIS act of racism… because he did it in front of Congress and not a political rally or in his office alone.

  2. Today was a monumental moment in USA History…..the Nation must really come to grips with how Males especially White Males view their existence in the future of this Country…. Working Together is one answer but if we continue to pass laws to consistently hold particular groups of people back then the implications of these positions will NEVER be positive in moving forward. But the voters of this President needed to see this openly to understand that position if they actually didn’t know before

  3. So I would Iike to delve further into this notion of the fragile while male psyche! Being as I am a white male I find this concept foreign- on some level. Is it a fragile white male psyche or something far deeper? Does one attack a POC because they are unsure of themselves and/or their whiteness? Insecure or threatened in some manner ? Does it have to be a fragility we are speaking about? Could it be something far more complex that this? Or something at more simplistic? Could it be more of the fear of losing control – perceived or otherwise? The fear of being “equal”? The fear of losing s perceived superiority perhaps.

    1. Fair questions and ones that require greater context. Let’s table it for a few days. There are a few pieces that I need to run to that address this. I think you’ll find them interesting. And I want to be fair in the conversation as I believe it’s time to have.

      And I say this UP FRONT this does NOT pertain to ALL WHITE MEN.

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