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WSYAM Blog Post Presents: All The Pieces Matter – Dana Boente

All The Pieces Matter (Dana Boente): 10.27.17

It’s been a busy day today. But I wanted to add my take on the retirement/resignation or U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Virginia Dana Boente. However, before I do that, I want to provide some background for coloring.

I’ve said on a few occasions that 45 is being investigated by three Separate Entities (Not including the Congressional Sideshows): Eastern District of Virginia; Attorney General of New York; Federal Bureau of Investigations.

For purposes of this ATPM, we’re focusing on Dana Boente.

Boente leads the Eastern District of VA (EDVA). Under his watch, EDVA has filed the following charges – FISA/FARA against: Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort. Attached is additional deets regarding the FISA/FARA Warrants. https://www.justsecurity.org/45255/fisa-warrants-paul-manafort-muellers-investigation/

Quick Boente note: In a move that showcased the brilliant piece of strategy by Team Obama, they actually baited 45 into thinking Boente would be a trusted ally. In one of his last moves as President, and probably sensing that 45 would be petty by firing most of the US Attorneys, Obama demoted Boente and removed him from the Line of Succession for Attorney General at the Department of Justice. But 45 being 45, when he fired Sally Yates, 45 appointed Boente to acting Attorney General. 45 then took it a step further and changed the Line of Succession which led to Boente taking the lead on the Trump-Russia investigation. Pretty gansta on 44’s part, no?

Anyway – A lot of the activity we saw last summer started in EDVA. From the Baltimore raid to 45 being formally told that a sealed indictment was pending for him. EDVA flipped Carter Page and Paul Manafort. Manafort gave them Mike Flynn. Flynn officially flipped and gave them Michael Cohen, Jared Kushner and 45.

It is my understanding that the focus on Cohen centered around his ties to Russia. Specifically, his part in personally presenting to Mike Flynn the plan for removing the Russian Sanctions. Removing the Russian Sanctions would allow Russia to partner with Exxon (Rex Tillerson’s old company and the SOLE reason Putin recommended Tillerson to be Secretary of State) to drill in the Arctic.

It’s also the underlying reason for nixing US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement.

I mentioned last week in the Where I Believe We Are Now piece that Carter Page met with Russia on multiple occasions starting in 2015 and going into July 2016. Following those meetings, Russia sold Carter Page & Associates a 19.5% stake in Rosneft, a Russian Oil Company.

It is my belief that when the layers of & Associates is pulled back, we’re going to see the names Trump, Tillerson, Kushner and Manafort amongst others. It is also my understanding that THIS is what Kushner and 45 are most concerned about. Both men are financially leveraged to the hilt and need the money to gain liquidity.

Regarding Kushner – he will need to answer why he met with the Russian Banker last summer. And explain why the story that he and the Russian Banker are telling are quite different. And yes, they have the Intercepts of the conversations (Courtesy of our friends in Germany) so they know why they met already.

So back to Dana Boente retiring/resigning today.

In his capacity as U.S. Attorney for EDVA Dana Boente took the lead on inpaneling the Grand Juries for Mueller. I believe that this work is finished. I believe this based on the chatter that we’re now getting regarding Mueller and Team getting ready to unseal the first wave of Indictments.

Dana Boente has worked hand in hand with Mueller and Team through this entire process, by issuing Grand Jury subpoenas and interviewing witnesses.

So why retire/resign now?

By doing so now, Boente is free to serve as a witness in the Trump-Russia case, since he was present in the SCIF with Rosenstein when he selected Mueller as the Special Prosecutor. I’ll have more on this later.

FYI – I expect Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn to be arrested in the first wave of Indictments.


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  1. Excellent piece! Thank you and I want to ask you about Germany and their apparent lack of respect for the current WH administration. You mentioned several times, almost in passing, that Germany intercepted communications regarding Trump affiliates & Russia. I’d like to better understand how much of the current international distrust for our administration was earned prior to the election. thanks

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