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Well, Since You Asked Me: Defending One’s Innocense By Association Can Be Taxing (Michael McCrimmon)

Broadside #96-2018


Defending One’s Innocence By Association Can Be Taxing (Michael McCrimmon)

Let me share a thought with you and see what you think about my logic.

I have watched a year of a president lying nonstop about almost everything, and then watched as his staff, continues to be exposed as racists and domestic abusers, in addition to being liars also.

All of them are white.

Now I also observe that when someone black does something unethical, immoral or illegal, all blacks tend to be painted with that same broad brush, even yours truly.

So why does it not work the other way?

Am I not justified, at this point, of accusing all white people of being the same as Colt45, General Kelly and the wife-beating ex chief of staff, whatever his name was? (Rob Porter)

Well most of my white friends would take exception, as they should, because being the same skin color as someone does not make you the same as that person.

It’s an example that is easy to understand when applied to white people… somehow, it seems harder when you try to make that observation about black people.

By the way, if I was white, I would be appalled at the conduct of the white president and the majority of his so called elite administration and cabinet members…

But I don’t hear you really saying anything about them… I just see you watching…in silence…

And that’s troubling to me, because your silence makes me wonder if the ridiculous hypothesis has legs…

Just watch the news… all you see as in regards to the US government is white people on their lying and cheating, until they get caught, and then after all the evidence is stacked up against them, they quietly exit stage left and are never heard from again.

I’m just spitballing here, but maybe it would make a difference in things now, if you (white US citizen) were to show more outrage publicly about the conduct and behavior of white people who are running the country into the ground.

I will wager the $28 in my wallet, that if Barack Obama had relatives, misogynist, cheaters, domestic batterers and crooks, all black do the things these folks are doing, white folks across the board would be up in arms, and demanding better.

Instead, for the most part, all I hear is crickets…


Key Take-Aways: Michael gets at the heart of the issues that most POC have with White Folks reactions to things when it occurs with someone who looks like them vs a POC. There always seem to be a, He’s such a good person. He’s done wonder things in his life. He deserves a second, third, forth, fifth chance. And yet, when it’s a POC – I knew something was wrong with him. And a long list of other “Opinions” stated as facts. Look no further than how The IDIOT protrays Terrorist events committed by Whites vs. POC. Striking the difference in tone and phrasing.

It can be argued that a huge part of this falls at the feet of the MSM. They are quick to point, run stories of POC doing wrong. Put let a White Person shoot up a school. It’s immediately considered a Mental Health issue.

So to sum up what Michael said so well in his Post. It’s past time for a large sect of White Folks to step up. Not doing so makes you complicit. And if such, we really have no further need to dialogue.

Now – Let’s Go Be Great! Let’s Go Find Some Good Trouble!





1 thought on “Well, Since You Asked Me: Defending One’s Innocense By Association Can Be Taxing (Michael McCrimmon)

  1. This is an issue. The silence of from white people who know this is wrong is more telling than the actually liars. We knew going in that Colt45 was a liar, cheat and bigot. We also knew this about Jeff Sessions what we see now on cable news is the white men and women who cosign the lies or wink, wink smirk when they try to defend the insanity. It is Sarah Huckabee Saunders standing up there defending men accused of domestic violence with a straight face. Yet her father is a former minister which gives another black eye to church and leaves it complicit as hell. I’m angry about this however it will take us to change it. I chose not to trust certain people today. Since I believe trust is a choice and not earned in my paradigm I know for a fact I will not leave my well being in the hands of the white masses. I know few can be counted especially white women to stand in the gap.

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