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Well, Since You Asked Me: For Mujey (By Ted Jauw)

Broadside #97-2018



They laid Mujey in the ground Today
But they did not lay her to Rest
The Justice she sought for others in Life
Eluding her in Death
The papers plead from Sea to Sea
Who took her life of sixteen Years?
America, what did you See?
A nation shining back only glistening Tears
Tears for Mujey, surely, but really for you and Me

You see…
Mujey’s story is not her Own
In one young Girl
The nation now Knows
That we are now One
And not Alone
For she is like you, MeToo,
A Black Life That Matters
And though she came here Legally
She is a Dreamer through and Through
Mujey is America
Mujey is me and You

A refugee brought to this Shore
An immigrant from Sierra Leone
A daughter of Fatima
A daughter who lost a Father
Whose crime was going Home
A child who escaped certain Death
Only to find it Here
A child much like Your Own

A child who broke her Silence
A child who faced her Fears
A child who faced her Killer
A child but beyond her Years

A child who is America
Despite what others claim
She is what makes America Great
Not again but Always and the same
Mujey is America in its Best and now at its worst
Mujey is an America that knew both hunger and knew thirst
Mujey is America even more than those who think that they are first
Mujey is America both the Beautiful and America the cursed

America, the beautiful, she shed her grace on thee
America, you promised her
If she were brave
She would be free…






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