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WSYAM Presents: Ask Me Anything – February 2018

WSYAM Presents: Ask Me Anything – February 2018

Feel free to ask any question on any topic. No topic is off limits. However, I do reserve the right to respond “No Comment”.

You can also send me a Blind AMA, and we will include it in the Blog Post.

Please make sure ALL of the questions are asked within the Blog. Questions not posed in the Blog, will NOT be answered.

This AMA will run from 7 AM to 7 PM.

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6 thoughts on “WSYAM Presents: Ask Me Anything – February 2018

  1. I’d like to revisit the issue of misogynoir from Black Men as explored in the Very Smart Brothas blog and the complicity of Black men.

  2. Why are Asian Americans so silent in today’s complex environment? There are many people with roots Inn India, China and other nations that don’t seem to be part of today’s dialogue. What’s up with that?

    1. Hi Gloria-

      That’s a great question and one I’m perplexed by as well. I’ve heard the Culture issue is a factor. But still you’re in this Country and right is right regardless.

      I have also voiced my displeasure in the low Asian American participation in the election process.

      I do believe that will/is changing with the younger Asians. They seem to be more engaged.

      I’ll need to defer to others that are more versed on this than I am. But to be clear – Asian Americans need to do their part. To date, they haven’t, IMO.

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