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Well, Since You Asked Me: Michigan State University/Betsy DeVos Scandal (Paul Lavigne)

Key Take-Aways:  I find it hard to believe how anyone associated with this stink can survive. It’s Penn State bad. Maybe worse, as it appears that the Leadership of MSU hasn’t really learned anything.

Some additional nuggets jump out at me. It appears that MSU was stalling in their attempt to provide the requested documentation to the DOE. And then it comes into existence, why. They were trying to shoehorn this suit into a newly enacted policy of Betsy DeVos.

More – when you dig a little deeper into this thing, one sees that DeVos was pretty cozy with MSU. Like substantial Endowments cozy. So cozy in fact, records show that on September 20th, Ms. DeVos met with former Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon. Two days later DeVos, enacted a policy to roll back Title IX protections for Sexual Assault victims on College Campuses. I suspect that this will break through in a huge way. I suspect that Ms. DeVos will find herself called before Congress to provide clarity around this. At a minimum, it reeks to high heaven.

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