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Well, Since You Asked Me: I Expect Florida To Turn Blue In 2018 (By John Dunson)

Key Take-Aways: I suspect that a lot of Puerto Ricans will continue to flock to Counties that make up the I4 Corridor. Thus, ensuring Orange and Hillsborough will pad their numbers. And that Pinellas should flip to Dems. I’d also keep an eye on Polk & Seminole flipping Democratic.

Dems only lost Seminole by 4K votes (109K – 105K). This would essentially lock up the I4 Corridor for Dems save for Volusia, which went for The IDIOT (142K – 108K)

But, the one that sticks out to me is Duval. This is where the 20% AA Disenfranchisement comes into play. The IDIOT won Duval by 6K votes. It’s literally unheard of for a Democratic Candidate to do that well in Duval.

In short, you flip the 29 Electoral Votes to Dems in Florida, it’s Game. Set. Match for Republicans. You combine it with AZ & TX, this explains why Republicans in Congress are acting the way they are.

To be fair, having piss poor Hispanic voter turnout HAS GOT TO CHANGE. The same with Asians.

In the 2016 Election, the turnout %’s were the following:

1. Whites = 65.3%
2. Blacks = 59.6%
3. Asians = 49.3%
4. Hispanics = 47.6%

To my Asian and Hispanic Peeps, DO BETTER. The burden can NOT be on Black People alone. No excuse for those Piss Poor Showings.

WSYAM Presents: Ask Me Anything – February 2018

Feel free to ask any question on any topic. No topic is off limits. However, I do reserve the right to respond “No Comment”. 

You can also send me a Blind AMA, and we will include it in the Blog Post. 

Please make sure ALL of the questions are asked within the Blog. Questions not posed in the Blog, will NOT be answered. 

This AMA will run from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Thanks again for your support.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Defending One’s Innocense By Association Can Be Taxing (Michael McCrimmon)

Key Take-Aways: Michael gets at the heart of the issues that most POC have with White Folks reactions to things when it occurs with someone that looks like them vs a POC. There always seem to be a, He’s such a good person. He’s done wonder things in his life. He deserves a second, third, forth, fifth chance. And yet, when it’s a POC – I knew something was wrong with him. And a long list of other “Opinions” stated as facts. Look no further than how The IDIOT protrays Terrorist events committed by Whites vs. POC. Striking the difference in tone and phrasing. 

It can be argued that a huge part of this falls at the feet of the MSM. They are quick to point, run stories of POC doing wrong. Put let a White Person shoot up a school. It’s immediately considered a Mental Health issue. 

So to sum up what Michael said so well in his Post. It’s past time for a large sect of White Folks to step up. Not doing so makes you complicit. And if such, we really have no further need to dialogue.

Well, Since You Asked Me: To Kill A Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Are No Longer Required Reading (Originally Reported By Lisa Kacske)

Key Take-Aways: I agree with this move. There are more recent and more importantly, more appropriate novels that can be substituted to convey the same or similar message. As long as the novels are still accessible to the students in the schools, I take no issue with this. Not to mention, we’ve cannonized both books with respect to important Southern Literature. I’d like to see more diverse offerings given a chance to add their voices. 

This is no slight against Harper Lee or Mark Twain. They are both deserving of all the accolades they receive. Let’s hope that other School Districts take similar steps.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Justin Timberlake and the rise of The LumberSexual (Original Reporting by Anne Helen Petersen)

Key Take-Away by Petersen:  Timberlake has long reminded me of the mischievous neighbor boys I grew up with. Maybe it’s the fact that I watched him grow up, alongside those boys, on the Mickey Mouse Club; maybe it’s the sense, woven through his comedy in particular, that there’s a small, playful devil on his shoulder. He’s not unlike Huckleberry Finn, who, like Timberlake, wanted to flee the burden of dealing with the racialized reality of the South: “I reckon I got to light out for the Territory ahead of the rest,” Huck famously said, “because Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and civilize me, and I can’t stand it. I’ve been there before.” As Limerick explains, the West has long served this function: a “mechanism” to escape the “trials and burdens” of American civilization and the heavy tensions of the South in particular.

“The theory was the same,” Limerick writes, “the West is remote and vast; its isolation and distance will release us from conflict; this is where we can get away from each other.” The “Wild West, but now” is where we can get away from the internet and Twitter and Instagram, away from the hard questions that make us consider things we’d rather not. But that belief is as mythical as the rest that shape the West in the popular imagination, and Limerick has little patience for its perpetuation: “the workings of history carried the opposite lesson,” she writes. “The West is not where we escaped each other, but where we all met.” It’s where, in other words, the larger questions of privilege, whiteness, power, and masculinity seem to crystallize themselves in their most potent forms.

The great privilege of white masculinity has always been to avoid those questions. But these days, none of our contemporary Huck Finns — whether Donald Trump Jr., or Justin Timberlake — can excuse himself from those conversations without consequences. 

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