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Well, Since You Asked Me: GOP May Skip Budget for 2018 (Rachael Bade/Sarah Ferris)

Key Take-Away:  If the GOP is unable to pass a 2018 Budget it will pretty much cement their total ouster in the Midterms. They have ONE job. They control BOTH Houses of Congress. They control the Office of the President. It speaks to the underlying belief that The Republican Party writ large has no business leading any form of Government. They are simply incapable of Governing. They are an Opposition Party Only. And the last few years should now make this crystal clear. It’s time for them to take a long walk into the Wilderness. And let the Adults run the Country.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Is Fredo! (David Frum)

Key Take-Away from Frum:  However crazy Trump may be, in one way he is indeed the “very stable genius” he claims to be: Trump understands how to mobilize hatred and resentment to his own advantage and profit. He has risen higher than Joe McCarthy or Charles Lindbergh or Theodore Bilbo—and he has lasted already nearly a full year in office, holding the approval of one-third of the country, more than sufficient to keep him there for a full term.Michael Wolff has done a crucial service, showing more intimately than any reporter yet the true nature of the man at the center of the American system. But without the complicity of other power-holders, Trump would drop from his central position like a tooth from a rotten gum. What we need to do now is widen the camera angle beyond Fredo Trump to the hard-faced men and women over his shoulders. Those are the people who put Trump where he is, and keep him there, corrupting the institutions of American democracy and troubling the peace and security of the world.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT’s Secret, Shrinking Schedule (Jonathan Swan)

Key Take-Away: Jon Swan has some great sources. I suspect they are trying to bring this thing in for a soft landing as his mental fitness seems to be deteriorating rapidly. I’d anticipate less time away from The White House. And as has always been the case, when The IDIOT travels, it’s usually to a familiar location. This charade will not last past the Summer, IMO.

Well, Since You Asked Me: We Need To Talk About The Lack Of Diversity On Political Shows

Key Take-Away: We spend a lot of time castigating the Business world about their shortcomings. And rightly so. There are simply not enough POC in Leadership Positions at most Fortune 500 Companies. However, we are seeing more POC strike out to do their own thing. They’ve discovered a void and said Put Me In Coach to fill that niche. Bravo to those that have the Entrepreneurial Spirit to give it a go. We need more of you.

But in order for these folks to learn how a successful business operates, they need the experience that comes from sitting at the table. Seeing how decisions are being made. How mistakes are being recovered from. What can work, and what might need more incubation time.

It’s high time we do the same for the Network News shows that help shape our Worldviews. It’s time they Diversify their ranks. I shouldn’t have to wait for A.M. Joy on the weekend. I shouldn’t have to try to find Craig Melvin in the Midday. Now – I can turn to ESPN on Sunday Mornings and get my fill of Brown & Black. But M-F, appointment viewing only. This needs to stop, yesterday. Either they stop it or we simply stop watching. 

And to the BET’s and TV-One’s and OWNs, I love what you’re doing. I love the quality Programming that you are providing to your target demos. But to say that there is no place/budget for a person like Roland Martin or Ed Gordon or Mark Lamont Hill or Melissa Harris-Perry or Soledad O’Brien. Seriously? Sometimes, you need to take an L on one show because it’s for the Greater Good, no? Everything can’t be about ratings. 

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