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Category: The Guardian

Well, Since You Asked Me: The Shearer Dossier (Stephanie Kirchgaessner/Nick Hopkins)

Key Take-Away:  Over the course of the coming days, there will be additional pieces like this dropped. A few will be international. Partly in response to the dereliction of duty that many allies feel is going on within the United States Congress. The ultimate goal is to so tarnish the reputation of The IDIOT, that he becomes too toxic to be associated with. 

Well, Since You Asked Me: The Killing Of The Trump Brand (Arwa Mahdawi)

Key Take-Away: I’ve been saying for the past two years that The IDIOT was using his frequent visits to Trump Properties to juice the books, cash flow his lifestyle, and payoff Melania. By going to Trump Only Properties every few days, it ensures traffic to the location,  not only from the Traveling Press Corps, but from Businesses looking to curry favor. But make no mistake, The Trump Brand is Dead.

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