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Well, Since You Asked Me: The 2018 Midterms (Sean McElwee)

Key Take-Away:  A few years ago I stated that we would see, what is called The Obama Coalition, start running for office in 2018. We dedicated several posts to it. It was my position that a lot of the folks that were associated with the campaign simply needed to get their sea legs and more importantly get comfortable with using their voice. They needed to understand how their local politics worked and where they could best make an impact.

This has always been the biggest fear of the Big Money Republican Donors. That employees would take the salaries being earned at the companies of the Big Money Donors and use it against them.

And even though folks Poo-Poo’ed the results of Ossoff in GA06, he showed the Blueprint for what would be happening in Districts across America.

So you go from the lessons learned with Howard Dean to Barack Obama to the next man/woman up. You compete in EVERY State, EVERY District. You may not win them all, but you compete and you make Republicans EARN it. And spend a shit load of money doing so. That’s how you affect change. That’s how you win.

Well, Since You Asked Me: How The GOP Rigs Elections (Ari Berman)

Key Take-Away:  At some point voters will realize that Republicans simply don’t have good ideas. d if they don’t have good ideas, they can’t enact sound policy. We are seeing this is real time with the current Congress. Republicans have spent so much time learning how to cheat and get over, that they lack the basic fundamentals to govern. And sooner or later, this gets noticed. We’re seeing this now. And for their sake, they better pray that Dems aren’t petty when they regain control of Congress and State Houses. But if I were them, I wouldn’t count on it.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Pink Wave Coming In 2018 (Charlotte Alter)

Broadside #59-2018 ****** Pink Wave Coming In 2018 (Charlotte Alter) Erin Zwiener returned to Texas to settle down. At 32, she had published a children’s book, won Jeopardy! three times and ridden roughly 1,400 miles from the Mexico border up Read More

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Is Signaling For A Terrorist Attack To Occur (Michael Scherer/Josh Dawsey/Sean Sullivan)

Key Take-Away:  We are now at the stage were we can’t rule out anything occurring between now and November 2018. This includes a Terrorist Attack of some kind. It has not gone unnoticed that when this Administration has several weeks of very tough coverage, some type of Terror event occurs. Usually, it’s conducted by a Lone Wolf of some sort. In this piece, The IDIOT pretty much signals this will be the play for saving the 2018 Midterms. It will be interesting to see how the public responds. My sense is – any attack will be viewed with skepticism. 

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