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Well, Since You Asked Me: Mueller Has His Man (Renato Mariotti)

Key Take-Away:  Renato lays out the case he believes Mueller has. And this is without all the facts that Mueller has. He’s simply using what’s in the public arena, and even that is quite damning. I’d also add that it’s obvious that Mueller felt compelled to move on this piece now to parry any additional attempts The IDIOT planned to make with respect to firing him. We also now have greater clarity into why allies of The IDIOT have been in a frenzy the last month or so. Should be a fun February.

Well, Since You Asked Me: John Kelly Is Now Steve Bannon (Jonathan Swan)

Key Take-Away:  White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is learning that no one upstages The IDIOT.  Anyone with a brain knows The IDIOT just says whatever he believes will win him the day. He doesn’t think things through. The Wall being a clear example. I’d look for The IDIOT to be in an extra saucy mood today as he’s feeling the pressure of Mueller and Team closing in.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Inside The Room – What Steve Bannon Told Congress On Yesterday (Jonathan Swan)

Key Take-Away: Bannon is going to sing like a canary to Mueller. Will be interesting to see when he has to go back before the House Intelligence Committee. They are leaking like a sieve.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT’s Secret, Shrinking Schedule (Jonathan Swan)

Key Take-Away: Jon Swan has some great sources. I suspect they are trying to bring this thing in for a soft landing as his mental fitness seems to be deteriorating rapidly. I’d anticipate less time away from The White House. And as has always been the case, when The IDIOT travels, it’s usually to a familiar location. This charade will not last past the Summer, IMO.

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