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Well, Since You Asked Me: Who Needs A Controversy Over The Inauguration? (Original Reporting by Chris Whipple)

Key Take-Aways: This will drive the News Cycle for the remainder of the week. Reince is singing like a Jay Bird. It’s a virtual guarantee that Mueller and Team vetted every word of this book. And the notes that Reince took will prove to be fatal to The IDIOT, Jared, and Ivanka.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Soul Of A Nation (Charles Blow)

Key Take-Away:  There is not much I disagree with Charles on and this column is no exception. He truly is one of the Shining Stars from this Shitshow. And if you’re not following him, you should.

Blow touches on something that every Person of Color knows to be true. If this mess or a hint of any of this mess had occurred while 44 was either contemplating, running or serving as POTUS, I have little doubt that he would have been removed from office. Possibly forcibly at that. 

The degrading that The IDIOT has inflicted on the Office and by extension the United States will take years to undo. Domestically and Internationally. I suspect that as soon as he’s removed, and a sensible Congress is elected, we’ll see some changes in who can run and what we must know about them, at a minimum.

In the meantime, we all sit back and wait on Mueller to do his job. And try without much success not to look too much at our watch.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The Hate That Is Revealing Obama’s Greatness (Jonathan Chait)

Key Take-Away:  It was widely expected that the more distance Obama got from his time in office, we’d have a greater appreciation for what he accomplished. We underestimated the speed which this would occur. Undoubtedly, it’s aided by the sheer dislike and incompetence of The IDIOT, but the fact remains, over time Obama will be judged as a very, very good POTUS. And fortunately the more we see of The IDIOT and his scandals, the more favorable Obama becomes. 

WSYAM Blog Post Presents: All The Pieces Matter – Dana Boente

All The Pieces Matter (Dana Boente): 10.27.17 It’s been a busy day today. But I wanted to add my take on the retirement/resignation or U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Virginia Dana Boente. However, before I do that, I Read More

Well, Since You Asked Me: ABC/Washington Post Poll Finds That Folks Really Don’t Like The IDIOT (Dan Balz/Scott Clement)

Key Take-Away:  If these numbers remain the same for the next 9 months, there is no way this Administration or the Republican led Congress survives. I suspect theses numbers will get slightly worse. The numbers that jump out to me is the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. Coupled with 62% of Independents thinking The IDIOT hasn’t accomplished much is brutal. Not to mention, giving more credit for the good Economy to Obama. There is simply not a lot The IDIOT and Les Miserables can hang their hats on as positive. I guess one could make an argument that the reduction in Federal Employees and Regulations is a positive. But this is blunted by the unpopularity of the Tax Cut. Immigration Reform is 50/50 argument. The killing of the Affordable Care Act number is BRUTAL. I see Immigration Reform and ACA as Base arguments. Meaning, they gin up the excitement level of the the Base of each party. Hard to see how that’s a winning argument for Republicans when coupled with the enthusiasm gap.

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