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Well, Since You Asked Me: How The GOP Rigs Elections (Ari Berman)

Key Take-Away:  At some point voters will realize that Republicans simply don’t have good ideas. d if they don’t have good ideas, they can’t enact sound policy. We are seeing this is real time with the current Congress. Republicans have spent so much time learning how to cheat and get over, that they lack the basic fundamentals to govern. And sooner or later, this gets noticed. We’re seeing this now. And for their sake, they better pray that Dems aren’t petty when they regain control of Congress and State Houses. But if I were them, I wouldn’t count on it.

Well, Since You Asked Me: So Yeah, This Needed To Happen!

Key Take-Away:  for the Democratic Leadership – GROW A DAMN SPINE! Republicans have given you a damn sledgehammer to use for the next generation. If you are too incompetent to use it, you need to exit stage left.

Identify candidates that can WIN in the target Districts. Kill the Litmus Tests for the “ideal” Democratic candidate. If they need your support, give it. If they are doing great at fundraising and canvassing without your support, offer to help in other ways. In short, help make sure they understand the core vision for what the Democratic Caucus wants to achieve. They may not agree with All the components. So what. Just win baby. Work the Regional deets out in Conference.

To Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 12th) – unless you have another candidate lined up that can win the seats of the Democratic Congressmen you’re eagerly looking to jettison, you need to keep your powder dry. Might not be popular, but I don’t care. RIGHT NOW! You have very little Legislative muscle to AFFECT change as the Minority Leader. You need to be strategic and stop trying to win the News Cycle. You look weak and you’re becoming the story. And I’m sure you know that already, but in case you forgot, that’s NEVER good.

Stop making Dems the face of Sexual Harassment. Demand the names of ALL the accused that used the Slush Fund be outed. If the majority of the accused are Democrats, do what you need to do. But so far, you have so fucked up the PR on this, I’m almost ready for you to retire, right now. But that’s the Emotional John.

The Mercenary John needs you to get us through 2020. Then you, Rep. Steney Hoyer (D-MD 5th) and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC 6th) need to step down and retire. You are ALL in your late 70s and it is time for new Leadership. You can still fundraise as an out of office retired politician. Don’t know if anyone shared that with you or not, I’m just saying. See Joe Biden and Barack Obama for guidance.

So, yeah this needed to happen, since you asked me!

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