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WSYAM Blog Presents: All The Pieces Matter – Russiagate Breadcrumbs Galore! (Natasha Bertrand)

All The Pieces Matter:  Russiagate Breadcrumbs Galore! (Natasha Bertrand) The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released the transcript of the panel’s November interview with Glenn Simpson, the cofounder of the opposition research firm Fusion GPS. The House investigators’ line of questioning Read More

Well, Since You Asked Me: The Kremlin Purged Suspected Spies After Dossier Release (Betsy Woodruff/Julia Arciga)

Key Take-Away:  One of the under reported stories is The IDIOT’s primary reason for investing in Golf Courses. It’s not because he loves golf. It is because it is a great way to Launder Money. In some ways, it’s like a Car Wash for Drug Dealers. I suspect that Mueller and Team will want to pay particular interest in his development of International Golf Courses in Ireland and Scotland; as well as, Doral in Miami.

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