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Tag: Jennifer Rubin

Well, Since You Asked Me: Ten Take-Aways From #TrumpShutdown Ending (Jennifer Rubin)

Key Take-Away:  These are some good Take-Aways. I think the Foreign Affairs angle is spot on. And I predict it will come back to bite us in the ass. The Filibuster Proofing Angle is worth watching. I think they have at least 70 votes +. I also agree this puts enormous pressure on House Speaker Paul Ryan. But he’s essentially a lame-duck. If he wants to leave a legacy, he might just buck the Freedom Caucus.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Two Senators Do Backflips To Protect A Racist President (Jennifer Rubin)

Key Take-Away from Rubin:  To many Americans, Trump is a flat-out racist. The danger for everyone with an “R” after his or her name is that the public may conclude the same is true for the Republican Party as a whole. When Cotton and Perdue act this way, they reinforce the image that the GOP is the party of and for whites.

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