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Well, Since You Asked Me: The Hate That Is Revealing Obama’s Greatness (Jonathan Chait)

Key Take-Away:  It was widely expected that the more distance Obama got from his time in office, we’d have a greater appreciation for what he accomplished. We underestimated the speed which this would occur. Undoubtedly, it’s aided by the sheer dislike and incompetence of The IDIOT, but the fact remains, over time Obama will be judged as a very, very good POTUS. And fortunately the more we see of The IDIOT and his scandals, the more favorable Obama becomes. 

Well, Since You Asked Me: Why Republicans Love Dumb Presidents (Jonathan Chait)

Key Take-Away:  There seems to be this thing with Republicans. Where they are fixated on folks that speak and act like them.  The Everyday Man/Woman.

With All Disrespect – Some of you are IDIOTS.

Just like I wouldn’t hire you to install a light fixture, I wouldn’t hire you to run a Country. I could give a rat’s ass if I deemed you worthy of sharing a libation with. That’s NOT the job. The Job is about who is the most qualified person to help steer this Nation in times of Strife and in times of Success. I want someone that has the mental dexterity of Obama and the charm of Clinton. Someone who understands who/he or she is BEFORE they enter the Office of President. Someone that will surround himself/herself with people just as or in most cases many times smarter than he/she is. People that will provide The President with ALL available options and the fallout from said options. So that he/she can make the best decision after they’ve marinated on it a tick or two. Someone that will not be afraid to be told no and asked to defend their decision. Those are the characteristics that form a good Leader. At least, that’s always been my thinking.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT’s Not In Charge (Jonathan Chait)

I had the same take-away as Chait. It was clear that The IDIOT has a thin grasp on the differences between the parties. It was also VERY clear that he has no idea of the pertinents regarding the Core Issues he campaigned on. Thus, Republicans have been able to take advantage of his stupidity and willingness to sign anything. He simply wants to sign something. He simply wants a perceived win. It’s simply all about the Optics.

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