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Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Sought Release Of Classified Russia Memo (Ashley Parker/Rosalind Helderman/Josh Dawsey/Carol Leonning)

Key Take-Aways:  You start seeing stories like this when one side is losing very badly. And it’s not Mueller’s Team. Folks in the White House are now at the stage where they will begin to leak stories that paint them in sympathetic lights. They all want a soft landing spot when this shitshow is over. So I’d look for more background pieces like this. The fact that the IDIOT can’t seem to understand that the DOJ doesn’t work for him, but for the American Public has caused him to commit numerous acts of Obstruction of Justice. Either he’s incapable of grasping this or doesn’t care. And having his people go out and make the argument that it’s not really Obstruction because he didn’t go through with the firing, is ridiculous. And they know this.

Well, Since You Asked Me: It’s Mueller Time! (Carol Leoning/Josh Dawsey)

Key Take-Away:  IT’S GO TIME FOLKS! Time to put an end to This Administration. It’s my understanding that Obstruction of Justice is locked in and has been for six months. It’s my understanding that Mueller and Team want to go ahead and close this piece out. You also see now why Rep. Devin Nunes has been in a panic lately.

As I’ve said for months, this was a Three Act Play. We’re now getting ready to begin Act 1. The purpose of this is to get Impeachment over and done with. The more serious charges await.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Like Negotiating With Jello (Ashley Parker/Josh Dawsey/Ed O’Keefe)

Key Take-Away:  This is superb reporting by The Washington Post. They saw Politico’s piece and topped it. Adding some key corrections. It’s obvious that they spoke with John Kelly and had him refute that it was he that killed the deal and was all McConnell’s and Ryan’s doing. Ouch. This reporting also underscores that The IDIOT is simply not all there mentally. You simply can’t do business in good faith with someone like that. I suspect we’ll get some additional deets in the coming days. I would also look for any resolution to come from the Moderate wing of both Parties.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Is Signaling For A Terrorist Attack To Occur (Michael Scherer/Josh Dawsey/Sean Sullivan)

Key Take-Away:  We are now at the stage were we can’t rule out anything occurring between now and November 2018. This includes a Terrorist Attack of some kind. It has not gone unnoticed that when this Administration has several weeks of very tough coverage, some type of Terror event occurs. Usually, it’s conducted by a Lone Wolf of some sort. In this piece, The IDIOT pretty much signals this will be the play for saving the 2018 Midterms. It will be interesting to see how the public responds. My sense is – any attack will be viewed with skepticism. 

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Calls Haiti, El Salvador and African Countries Shithole Countries (Josh Dawsey)

Key Take-Away:  It is quite obvious that The IDIOT has lost his mind and is deteriorating quickly under the pressure of prison and Mueller. It’s also quite obvious that he is a RACIST. At this pace, he’s weeks away from showing up at the Oval in his pajamas. I think I speak for the Nation, when I beg of Robert Mueller to put The IDIOT out of his and our misery.

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