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Well, Since You Asked Me: Dana Boente To Become FBI General Counsel (Sari Horwitz/Matt Zapotosky)

Key Take-Away:  This is simply a brilliant move. Dana Boente will leave his post to become General Counsel for the FBI. That literally is the largest middle finger Wray could send to The IDIOT and Jeff Sessions. The man that got the ball rolling on #Russiagate and was the lead in leading the first wave of Grand Juries into #Russiagate, will now serve as GC of the FBI. I’m almost certain this move was orchestrated by Mueller, McCabe and Comey. This is simply a brilliant move.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Mueller Adds Veteran Cyber Prosecutor To Special-Counsel Team (Matt Zapotosky)

Key Take-Away:  This was a move that sort of flew under the radar of most folks. A lot of the backend Investigative work was being done by U.S. Attorney Dana Boente’s Team in the Eastern District of Virgnia. Dickey was a Key Member of that Team. With Boente’s retirement in the coming weeks, I’d look for Mueller to begin to bring more of Boente’s Key Members onto his Team. In short, they’ve been working together for almost a year. This just makes it Official. 

I’d also look at Dana Boente becoming a Key Witness against The IDIOT with respect to Obstruction of Justice Charges. Smart moves all around, while chaos reigns on the other end of town. Mueller & Team keeps their head down, getting the work done.

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