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Well, Since You Asked Me: Hope Hicks – Call Your Lawyer’s Office (Jo Becker/Mark Mazzetti/Matt Apuzzo/Maggie Haberman)

Key Take-Away:  Hope Hicks is going to prison. If the allegations as reported by The New York Times are accurate, and they appear to have multiple sources that can corroborate them, she’s not only complicit, she assisted in the destruction of evidence. And she can NOT claim Executive Privilige. Her actions speak to someone that is not only naive, but supremely stupid. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t try to cut a deal.  Mueller not only has witnesses, I’m fairly certain, he has tapes of her, emails and other documents.

Well, Since You Asked Me: In The SEC, It Just Means More

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, winning an SEC Title for an SEC Team, means just as much as winning the Natty. It just does and folks have a difficult time grasping that concept. That’s your issue, not ours.

The belief in the SEC is that regardless of other Conferences playing 9 games. They don’t have to face the gauntlet of SEC Teams week in and week out. That matters over a season. See BAMA and Auburn this year as Exhibit A and B.

But even with the attrition they both suffered, the 3rd and 4th string guys are just as talented as the starters in the other Conferences. Those are facts.

So some of you pound your chest because you maybe beat an SEC Team during the season. I hate to break it to you. They don’t care as much as you do.

That game has zero factor on them winning the SEC East or West. Thus, it means next to nothing. On the other hand, those Teams circle that game on the calendar. Why? Because it is against an SEC team. And even if it was Mizzou, it would mean more to them than to Mizzou.

Here is the truth, I guarantee you UGA cares more about beating Vandy than it does about an opening game against Notre Dame .

The win against Notre Dame is nice and helps with National Perception because of the ND Brand. That’s the ONLY benefit that most SEC Teams see in playing those games. The belief is you win the State, you win the Division, you win the Conference. Everything else is Human Judgement.

Well, Since You Asked Me: November 2016 Election Reflections (Bill Moyers w/an assist from John Dunson)

Key Take-Away: So Let’s enjoy last week’s triumphs as a rebuff of 45 and his way of thinking. Let’s feel proud of the armies of the engaged that are fighting back every single day, in ways big and small. We can and must remain vigilant to contain the malignancy of This Administration.

Still, we cannot erase the fact that 45’s rampage has left our country deeply wounded. The America that we knew on November 7, 2016 is dead and gone. It’s now up to us to make it Great Again, without 45 and his ilk. I believe you can do it. We have to start loving on one another again. Looking for the Good in each other again. Stomping out hatred and intolerance, wherever we see it, on the spot.

I believe that we still have a few dark days ahead of us. This rot runs deep and will not go gingerly. It will require all of us to put some skin in the game. There can be no bystanders. You will need to choose a side. And then you will need to fight like hell to defend that side. I have faith that you are more than up to the task.

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