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Well, Since You Asked Me: The Rise Of Trumpvangelicals (William Barber, II/Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove)

Key Take-Aways:  Rev. Barber is a gifted speaker. His Moral Mondays are legendary, if you’re not familiar with them, please become so. And the speech he gave at the 2016 Democratic National Convention will be studied for years. This is a very nuanced and layered piece. It’s also dealing with a subject that needs to be discussed. It is past time we have a COME TO JESUS MEETING with White Evangelicals. Something is rotten amongst their ranks and needs to be rooted out for what it is.

And I love how he ALWAYS refers to JESUS as a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew. As we say in the community, show me where he lying!

Well, Since You Asked Me: Rick Gates Has Flipped! (Katelyn Polantz)

Key Take- Away:  The Superceding Indictments indicates that Mueller and Team have additional charges they have prepared to file against Gates. I’d suspect Tax Evasion and a few others, at a minimum. The Bank records, specifically those from Cyprus, will probably come into play as well. They have have Gates’ wife dead to rights on transferring at least $1 Million to a brokerage account there. I suspect Gates is flipping to protect her.

This is VERY bad news for The IDIOT, Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort. Gates gives them RICO/Money Laundering on all three, which is Act III. And he helps give cover to Mike Flynn regarding Conspiracy, which is Act II. The patterns of what Mueller and Team is doing is clear, if you know what to look for. It’s also pretty damn methodical and impressive. 

Well, Since You Asked Me: ABC/Washington Post Poll Finds That Folks Really Don’t Like The IDIOT (Dan Balz/Scott Clement)

Key Take-Away:  If these numbers remain the same for the next 9 months, there is no way this Administration or the Republican led Congress survives. I suspect theses numbers will get slightly worse. The numbers that jump out to me is the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. Coupled with 62% of Independents thinking The IDIOT hasn’t accomplished much is brutal. Not to mention, giving more credit for the good Economy to Obama. There is simply not a lot The IDIOT and Les Miserables can hang their hats on as positive. I guess one could make an argument that the reduction in Federal Employees and Regulations is a positive. But this is blunted by the unpopularity of the Tax Cut. Immigration Reform is 50/50 argument. The killing of the Affordable Care Act number is BRUTAL. I see Immigration Reform and ACA as Base arguments. Meaning, they gin up the excitement level of the the Base of each party. Hard to see how that’s a winning argument for Republicans when coupled with the enthusiasm gap.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Like Negotiating With Jello (Ashley Parker/Josh Dawsey/Ed O’Keefe)

Key Take-Away:  This is superb reporting by The Washington Post. They saw Politico’s piece and topped it. Adding some key corrections. It’s obvious that they spoke with John Kelly and had him refute that it was he that killed the deal and was all McConnell’s and Ryan’s doing. Ouch. This reporting also underscores that The IDIOT is simply not all there mentally. You simply can’t do business in good faith with someone like that. I suspect we’ll get some additional deets in the coming days. I would also look for any resolution to come from the Moderate wing of both Parties.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The President Who Doesn’t Read (David Graham)

Key Take-Away from Graham:  The refusal to read, and the resulting limits of Trump’s understanding of complicated issues, doesn’t mean that every decision he makes is bad. Indeed, it can be liberating—allowing him to act on instinct, even in the face of expert reservations. My colleague Krishnadev Calamur, for example, writes that the anger that led the White House to freeze aid to Pakistan this week is understandable. But the shaky grasp of the underlying currents means Trump is more likely to blunder on any given case, and Trump’s misstatements and missteps earn him mockery and undermine his stature around the world. Perhaps no single area better summarizes Trump’s strange tendency than his press shop. He was reportedly driven to distraction by Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s ill-fitting suits and bumbling demeanor, and eventually Spicer was pushed out in favor of Sarah Sanders, a calmer and more commanding force in the Brady Room. But in its written work, the White House press team continues to commit errors and gaffes and issue typo-flecked statements. While most problems faced by presidential administrations are incredibly complex, the solution to problems caused by a president who does not read is fairly simple: He ought to start reading. Simple and easy are very different matters, though, and expecting a man who has always preferred chatting and watching television to the printed word to become a reader at 71 would be foolish. There’s no Trump pivot, especially not to the bookshelf.

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