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Well, Since You Asked Me: Who Needs A Controversy Over The Inauguration? (Original Reporting by Chris Whipple)

Key Take-Aways: This will drive the News Cycle for the remainder of the week. Reince is singing like a Jay Bird. It’s a virtual guarantee that Mueller and Team vetted every word of this book. And the notes that Reince took will prove to be fatal to The IDIOT, Jared, and Ivanka.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Sought Release Of Classified Russia Memo (Ashley Parker/Rosalind Helderman/Josh Dawsey/Carol Leonning)

Key Take-Aways:  You start seeing stories like this when one side is losing very badly. And it’s not Mueller’s Team. Folks in the White House are now at the stage where they will begin to leak stories that paint them in sympathetic lights. They all want a soft landing spot when this shitshow is over. So I’d look for more background pieces like this. The fact that the IDIOT can’t seem to understand that the DOJ doesn’t work for him, but for the American Public has caused him to commit numerous acts of Obstruction of Justice. Either he’s incapable of grasping this or doesn’t care. And having his people go out and make the argument that it’s not really Obstruction because he didn’t go through with the firing, is ridiculous. And they know this.

Well, Since You Asked Me: How The GOP Rigs Elections (Ari Berman)

Key Take-Away:  At some point voters will realize that Republicans simply don’t have good ideas. d if they don’t have good ideas, they can’t enact sound policy. We are seeing this is real time with the current Congress. Republicans have spent so much time learning how to cheat and get over, that they lack the basic fundamentals to govern. And sooner or later, this gets noticed. We’re seeing this now. And for their sake, they better pray that Dems aren’t petty when they regain control of Congress and State Houses. But if I were them, I wouldn’t count on it.

Well, Since You Asked Me: 7 Nuggets From Fire & Fury by Michael Wolff (Matthew Nussbaum/Louis Nelson)

Key Take-Away: Over the next couple of weeks, we will spend countless hours pouring through The IDIOT and Les Miserables. At times, we are going to find ourselves shocked by what we read. Upset that we could have allowed such to occur. And Angry with those that knew/know better and their total disregard for anything that doesn’t benefit them personally. Those will all be normal and expected reactions.

Over the coming months, we will be left to figure out what next. And who should remain, who should leave. There will be plenty of finger-pointing, hand-waving, and exiting Stage Left. But, at the end of all of it, we must find a way to get back to a functioning Bi-Partisan Government. Made up for and by the People of this Nation.

I have no illusions that this will be an easy task. It won’t be. There’s too much at stake. And too many entities have been sucking at the Government teet too long to willingly let it go.  So there will be some pain. No, there will be a LOT of pain. And maybe that’s what’s needed.

In some ways, I hate The IDIOT happened. In some ways, I’m glad The IDIOT happened. There is obviously rot at the foundation of this Nation that needs to be rooted out and stamped out. There are common sense provisions we now realize must be enacted or adhered to. We must demand that NEVER AGAIN will we find ourselves here. It’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of work. It will be our job to elect qualified leaders to do said work.

I have all the faith in the world that we are up to the challenge.

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