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Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Is Mired In A Familiar Crisis (Julie Hirschfeld Davis/Maggie Haberman)

Key Take-Away: The mental instability of The IDIOT is center stage in these negotiations. I come back to the central theme that John Kelly and Stephen Miller, along with Congressional leaders, are content with this situation. They have immensely more power than they would have in a normally functioning Administration. This is simply not normal and they represent Exhibit A-Z of folks using this situation for their personal benefit. It will be extremely interesting to see what happens as The IDIOT’s approval continues to fall.

The fact that this man is reliving his past and is filled with an unhealthy obsession with Barack Obama speaks volumes. I suspect that he’s in a very foul mood right now and will explode at some point over the next week. If I’m Mueller and Team, I might just assist those efforts along with some strategic story leaks or an arrest. Primarily because The IDIOT appears to be spiraling, and the folks that should be providing guidance and counsel are so focused on consolidating their power that they refuse to deal with the situation as it exists. This presents a ripe opportunity to create a wedge.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT Is Signaling For A Terrorist Attack To Occur (Michael Scherer/Josh Dawsey/Sean Sullivan)

Key Take-Away:  We are now at the stage were we can’t rule out anything occurring between now and November 2018. This includes a Terrorist Attack of some kind. It has not gone unnoticed that when this Administration has several weeks of very tough coverage, some type of Terror event occurs. Usually, it’s conducted by a Lone Wolf of some sort. In this piece, The IDIOT pretty much signals this will be the play for saving the 2018 Midterms. It will be interesting to see how the public responds. My sense is – any attack will be viewed with skepticism. 

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