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Well, Since You Asked Me: Jeff Sessions Is Interviewed By Mueller Regarding #Russiagate

Key Take-Away:  It goes without saying that the lying Sessions did in front of the Congressional Intelligence Committees didn’t bode well for him heading into this meeting. It will be interesting to see the fallout from what he shared. Not a lot of details are known yet. But this news, combined with the Wray news, is not good for him. And points to some strategic leaks by Mueller and Team.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The Kremlin Purged Suspected Spies After Dossier Release (Betsy Woodruff/Julia Arciga)

Key Take-Away:  One of the under reported stories is The IDIOT’s primary reason for investing in Golf Courses. It’s not because he loves golf. It is because it is a great way to Launder Money. In some ways, it’s like a Car Wash for Drug Dealers. I suspect that Mueller and Team will want to pay particular interest in his development of International Golf Courses in Ireland and Scotland; as well as, Doral in Miami.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The FBI Investigating Russian Money Link From NRA To The IDIOT (Peter Stone/Greg Gordon)

Key Take-Away:  This will bear a LOT of fruit. As I said, the rot runs VERY deep. And the Russian Money was in every corridor of the Republican Apparatus. A lot of big names looked the other way on this, for essentially what will amount to a Supreme Court Seat and one year of Tax Cuts. The Cost will be the demise of the Republican Party for a Generation.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Suspicious Activity Reports (Jason Leopold/Anthony Cormier)

Key Take-Away:  My suspicions are that these funds were used as Walking Around Money and/or Monies used to donate to Republican Political Candidates. I suspect that some of this money ended up in The IDIOT’s Campaign. Either way, we are Deep Down the Money Trail, with Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee having a shitload of receipts. Great reporting by Leopold and Cormier; as well as, Buzzfeed.

Also, hearing that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) see this as career defining for both. They will be the lead Senators in bringing down The IDIOT and Les Miserables. A great job of putting Country before Party. 

WSYAM Blog Presents: All The Pieces Matter: Secret Money (Thomas Frank)

All The Pieces Matter: Secret Money (Thomas Frank) More than one-fifth of Donald Trump’s US condominiums have been purchased since the 1980s in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities, a Read More

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