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Well, Since You Asked Me: They Went To Jared (Adam Entous/Evan Osnos)

Key Take-Away:  It is clear that Jared Kushner is in way over his head. It is also clear that This Family has used whatever means they can to enrich themselves. I suspect from the belief that they realize this is not going to end well for most of them. And also understanding that they never imagined the opportunity would present itself. Regardless, the clawback of the assets gained during this time, will be very interesting to follow.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Suspicious Activity Reports (Jason Leopold/Anthony Cormier)

Key Take-Away:  My suspicions are that these funds were used as Walking Around Money and/or Monies used to donate to Republican Political Candidates. I suspect that some of this money ended up in The IDIOT’s Campaign. Either way, we are Deep Down the Money Trail, with Mueller and the Senate Intelligence Committee having a shitload of receipts. Great reporting by Leopold and Cormier; as well as, Buzzfeed.

Also, hearing that Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) see this as career defining for both. They will be the lead Senators in bringing down The IDIOT and Les Miserables. A great job of putting Country before Party. 

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