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Well, Since You Asked Me: Soul Of A Nation (Charles Blow)

Key Take-Away:  There is not much I disagree with Charles on and this column is no exception. He truly is one of the Shining Stars from this Shitshow. And if you’re not following him, you should.

Blow touches on something that every Person of Color knows to be true. If this mess or a hint of any of this mess had occurred while 44 was either contemplating, running or serving as POTUS, I have little doubt that he would have been removed from office. Possibly forcibly at that. 

The degrading that The IDIOT has inflicted on the Office and by extension the United States will take years to undo. Domestically and Internationally. I suspect that as soon as he’s removed, and a sensible Congress is elected, we’ll see some changes in who can run and what we must know about them, at a minimum.

In the meantime, we all sit back and wait on Mueller to do his job. And try without much success not to look too much at our watch.

Well, Since You Asked Me: My Affair With The IDIOT (Stormy Daniels)

Key Take-Away:  The amount of dirt coming out regarding The IDIOT is astounding. This simply is a MASSIVE failure on the part of the MSM in properly vetting this man and airing all of this year’s ago. It’s not like this stuff was not known> But the fascination with Hillary’s emails was just too much. I will not comment on the sex life of The IDIOT or his marriage. I will say that it’s now evident that the stuff Vladimir Putin has on him has to be far worse than any of us know or are willing to acknowledge. My sense is the constant drip of messiness will make sane voters punish the Republican Party severely. Based on early returns, I’m confident that this will be the case.

Well, Since You Asked Me: The IDIOT And The Porn Star (Marlow Stern/Aurora Snow)

Key Take-Away: I have a standing position that I never talk about someone’s sex life or marriage. The ONLY exceptions are if it advances the story. Well this one does just that.

I was aware of the various stories for years. This is an OPEN Secret. I’m not surprised the Clinton Campaign didn’t go anywhere near it, considering their past issues.

Anyway, enjoy.

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