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Well, Since You Asked Me: Skin In The Game (Ted Jauw)

I used to be a sous chef. Part of my job was ‘browning’ stuff. Butter and flour browned to make a sauce. Onions to caramelize and bring out the sweetness and mellow the harshness of white onions. Getting a nice brown or char on a piece of meat to bring out the flavor and seal in the juiciness.

Browning is what gives us flavor, texture, thickness, mouth feel as well as a certain eye appeal. I have serious reservations about a person who eats boiled chicken breasts without the skin. Seriously.

If you don’t already get the metaphor, I know I’m preaching to the thigh meat crowd here but just in case, let me be plain as that hard, tasteless, stringy and harsh chicken breast. The reason they want a wall and to deport Dreamers is that, after 350 years of being ‘Great’, they are the minority now.

They are outnumbered by brown people and can only ‘win’ if they skew the rules and unlevel the playing field. They are also outnumbered by women. Even LGBTQ people outnumber older conservative white males.

So, if you are asking me why DACA or the Wall needs to be tied to the Continuing Resolution, my answer is ‘It Doesn’t’ but what the ‘resolution’ continues, is a system of racist policy embedded in a party that has not presented a budget in seven years of ruling the Congress.

Only two of these many racist policies has the President offered to sign into law de facto, a part of some mythical budget they can’t get their shit together to produce. DACA and the Wall. So, this is why these are the issues being used to kick an empty can in no particular direction.

One more word about browning… My favorite meat of the chicken is the thigh meat. It has the most flavor, the most marbling, the most moisture, the most flavor and the most bone and blood to impart needed nutrients. The most skin… It has every color of meat from beige to dark brown.

Why a chicken has wings or a breast is beyond me but I’m sure they are important for some evolutionary reason I forgot around Middle Passage. Thighs are the hardest working part of the chicken. Eat what you want, but you gotta have thighs. At least, if you want me to come to your Party…

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