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Well, Since You Asked Me: Hope Hicks – Call Your Lawyer’s Office (Jo Becker/Mark Mazzetti/Matt Apuzzo/Maggie Haberman)

Key Take-Away:  Hope Hicks is going to prison. If the allegations as reported by The New York Times are accurate, and they appear to have multiple sources that can corroborate them, she’s not only complicit, she assisted in the destruction of evidence. And she can NOT claim Executive Privilige. Her actions speak to someone that is not only naive, but supremely stupid. I’d be shocked if she doesn’t try to cut a deal.  Mueller not only has witnesses, I’m fairly certain, he has tapes of her, emails and other documents.

Well, Since You Asked Me: Trump Towers – A Dictator’s Home Away From Home (Betsy Woodruff/Tim Mak)

Key Take-Away:  I have said for over a year that the State of New York RICO/Money Laundering Charges are the ones that will ultimately strip The IDIOT of all his possessions and bring him down. I stand by statement.

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